CAMDRIVE 500+ Photos

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CAMDRIVE 500+ Governor Drive CAMDRIVE 500+ bell housing
shows side pads for
forward engine mounts
CAMDRIVE 500+ cases mated,
line bored for accuracy
and numbered
CAMDRIVE 500+ governor
mounting plate engraved

CAMDRIVE 500+ nose cone
showing oil passage to main
thrust bearing
CAMDRIVE 500+rear case,
showing precision oiliing nozzles &
oil transfer register w/ red O-ring
torque coupler

CAMDRIVE 500+ oil passages
gun barrel drilled
through cases
CAMDRIVE 500+ trapezoidal
registers hold O-rings
CAMDRIVE 500+ power take
off drive gear slplined
for failsafe operation
CAMDRIVE 500+ power train
gears EN30B hardened to R63
and 7075 aircraft grade aluminum
CAMDRIVE 500+ rear case
oil nozzles

Our Products

CAM100 Honda based 100 Hp engine
for homebuilt and experimental aircraft.

CAMDRIVE 500 for V8 engines
up to 700 horsepower.

CAM125 Honda based 125-150 Hp engine
for homebuilt and experimental aircraft.