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Published weights of LS engines
Type Dry weight Notes MSRP USD
LS1 463# needs flywheel, harness, alt., starter, tensioner, bolts $7195.00
LS6 5.7 Liter 463# comes with flywheel only $18,000.00
LS376/480 460# including starter, alternator, flywheel,
exhaust manifolds. Add 272# for rad,
redrive, bell housing, coolant, oil tank, oil, 4 blade MT prop, hoses
LS7 427 456# dry sump, comes with flywheel only $18,000.00
LS9 6.2 L s/ch 556# dry sump, needs everything $28,000.00
LS416-720 s/ch552# includes AC compressor, harness,Controller, cast iron manifolds $32,000.00

All crate engines ship with cast iron manifolds. Add cost for exhaust system, flywheel, starter, ( in most cases, alternator, brackets, bolts, tensioner, belt), wiring harness, controller, rad and fan, air intake and ducting, engine isolator brackets, engine mount, fuel pumps and regulator.

Power and torque usually cross at 5252 rpm. Max power requires WOT(wide open throttle). Our PSRU ratio of 2.118:1 maximizes the torque plateau which begins at 3000 rpm. This provides a max prop rpm of 2600 rpm.