CAM DRIVE 200 Universal PSRU

Price: $8795.00

Design Criteria

When laying out the specifications for a Propeller Speed Reduction Unit several basic functions must be provided for in the design. The CAM DRIVE 200 is fitted to both the CAM 100 and CAM 125 engines. The following points in simple form are the main items which were to be considered.

  1. Reliability
  2. Dependability
  3. Matched Ratio to engine Power Curve
  4. Ruggedness to handle Power Output
  5. Isolation of the Propeller from the Crankshaft
  6. Axial accuracy and stability under all Power Transmission Loads

The input sprocket is attached to the flywheel through a torque plate. The radial loads are taken by the lower bearing (3) and axial stability is provided through the torque plate. The rigidity of the housing must be sufficient to prevent and distortion resulting from torque or gyroscopic precession loads.

The major radial and thrust loads are taken through the double row axial/radial ball bearings (2) while axial stability is provided for by the nose cone ball bearing (1).

It is imperative that the sprockets remain in precise alignment at all times and under all loads. The choice of components is critical, but none is more important that the integrity and rigidity of housing.

The CAMDRIVE 200 has proven itself to be a heavy duty Redrive with twenty-two years of service in the field. Design specifications and rugged components have proved their worth.

Universal redrive with 2.41:1 reduction with 4-inch wide poly fiber belt is rated at 165 horsepower. All parts are cast from high titanium re-inforced aluminum-magnesium for high strength and light weight.


Carbon fiber belt and custom profile sprockets increase the belt capacity to 305 horsepower.

Add $740.00

A universal mounting plate is available pre-drilled for the redrive with enough material left for matching to most popular engine blocks.

Add $388.00

Machined centering stud aligns housing with adaptor plate

Add $165.00

Also available is a custom aluminum billet flywheel with steel ring gear and stainless steel flexplates (Order Parts) ready to attach to the input sprocket. Installation time is dramatically reduced using this proven coupling system. See items 1, 3, and 4