CAM125 Turbo

Specs and Pricing

Price: $24,995.00

Weight 290 pounds. Weight includes modified Honda D16Z6 1600 cc V-tec engine, starter, alternator with built in regulator, 5-foot harness with connectors, K&N lifetime air filter, electronic boost control solenoid, coil-over-plugs ignition, 2 1/2 inch SS exhaust pipe, Stainless Steel custom exhaust manifold and Garrett turbo, exhaust heat wrap. Note: The AEM controller weighs 2 pounds but is not included here. The controller is to be installed behind the firewall.

Power: 180 Hp at 2500 RPM prop
Fuel: 87-94 MOGAS, 100LL.
Prop flange SAE1.

Programmable outputs:
Radiator fan
V-tec cut-in
Wastegate cut-in
Fuel pump relay

Harness connections for:
Wastegate solenoid valve
Tachometer 4 pulses per revolution
Panel oil pressure
Panel water temperature
Alternator options

Price: $24,995.00 Cdn